Baking the Perfect Sandwich Bread Loaf: It's Hip to Be Square

| 1/16/2014 9:51:00 AM

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It has taken me years and many failed attempts to bake bread. Good bread, edible bread. Bread that was uniform in results time after time… I made headway when I received the book “Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day” however sometimes I longed for nice square bread without a top crust of sorts, and free-form loaves are all about the delicious crust, don’t get me wrong. However, wrapping/packing sandwiches made from said bread loaves can be a bit “interesting” and sandwiches are usually just too large.

Then I saw a Pullman Loaf Pan and realized indeed-  it takes the right tools for the right job. After a couple recipes and adjustments, I am now at that point where I can (almost) safely say that the results will be consistent time and time again. Sandwich Heaven. Toast Nirvana. Nice square bread with a uniform “crust” all the way around. Perfectly sized sandwiches.

Pullman Pan

The following is my recipe for making a 2.75 lb loaf. My  pan is made by USA Pan and come in two sizes- I like and use the large. The sliding lid not only steams the bread while it bakes, but prevents it from getting too dark or dry on top.

The pan is great for bread, meatloaf, and makes a killer loaf of banana bread, but that recipe is for a future post.

I weigh most of my dry ingredients, so if you do not currently have a kitchen scale go and get one now. I also grind the grains right before baking for ultimate freshness, and use a Kitchen Aid mixer as my kneading workhorse.

Flora Journey
1/20/2014 9:42:13 PM

I wish I could make bread suitable for sandwiches without having to use exotic ingredients, appliances, and without having to buy ANOTHER bread pan. I have 8!

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