An Epicurean Delight

Reader Contribution by Heidi Hunt

Last week, in the Homesteading and Self Reliance blog, I reported on my visit to the Four Season Farm of Eliot Coleman and Barbara Damrosch in Harborside, Maine.

The trip to Maine and visit to the farm were both awesome experiences that were greatly enhanced by savoring the amazing produce we purchased at the Four Season Farm produce stand. Given that we were going to be in the area for only a few days, we purchased just what we thought we would be able to eat, with none going to waste. But vacations being what they are — a vacation from everyday tasks like cooking — we had our meals at some lovely local restaurants while the produce languished in the cabin refrigerator.

On Wednesday, knowing that we had just one more evening of vacation, we decided that a dinner of those organic vegetables was the way do the vegetables justice. I could consider becoming a vegetarian (well, maybe) if I could eat vegetables of this quality on a daily basis. Potatoes, carrots, beets, salad greens, tomatoes and green beans all with a richness of flavor that most of us have never savored, unless we grow our own. (The bread in the photo came from a wonderful artisan bakery in Blue Hill, Maine.)

That one dinner has inspired me to learn to garden better, spend more time getting to know the vendors at our local farmers market, and support local food in any way I can. I recommend you do the same — the taste alone is worth it!

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