5-Ingredient 5-Minute Homemade Mayo

| 8/6/2014 2:15:00 PM

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Emulsion is the art of blending two different liquids that normally do not mix. In this instance, eggs and oil for mayonnaise. Emulsifying is tricky. I have had several disasters before mastering the delicate procedure. To my knowledge, there are three ways to emulsify eggs and oil to create mayonnaise. One is by hand. I have not tried this. It requires much more patience than I possess, and very strong wrists, as the oil must be stirred vigorously into the egg mixture. The second is with a food processor, and the third with a blender. Personally, I use a Vitamix for quick performance, though this recipe may be used with other blenders or food processors.

Homemade Mayo Ingredients

Mayo Ingredients

8/30/2014 7:59:05 PM

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ej heinrich
8/23/2014 8:16:44 AM

Thank you for the recipe. I have given up mayo because of the canola oil and/or soybean oil not to mention the other garbage in it.

8/18/2014 10:25:24 PM

For those that cannot use eggs because they are acidic, I will mention that Duck Eggs are alkaline. This recipe works with Duck eggs also. But remember that Duck eggs are larger so you will only need 2 small or 1 Extra Large egg.

8/18/2014 2:43:50 PM

What size eggs were used in this recipe? My chickens lay small eggs and I'd need to know how many to use. Thanks, Gail

8/18/2014 1:19:03 PM

Does anyone have an eggless version of this? We can't eat eggs, and the eggless mayo in stores - when you can find it - is very expensive. We use apple sauce in baking, but that wouldn't work for mayo! Flax seed probably wouldn't provide the right texture; it seems to be best in cooked recipes.

8/18/2014 8:31:00 AM

I think this is a great way to get the mayo at home where you don't have to go to the store to buy it so when you run out you just make some more!! But one thing is the eggs eggs are very expensive plus,I found a milk mayo on the internet with no eggs!I might make yours but then again i might make the other one I'm Not Sure Yet!!! Thanks For The Recipe! God Bless You, CookieWoman...

8/10/2014 9:22:40 AM

I've found a stick blender the easiest way to make mayo. Use the container that it comes with. I put in eggs first, then mustard, lemon juice, then salt, then oil. Takes about 30 seconds - move the stick up and down slowly - and comes out perfect every time. Also I use a smaller recipe, cause we don't go through that much. 1 egg, 1 yolk, tsp mustard, tlb lemon juice, pinch salt, 3/4 cup oil. It's the only mayo we use anymore. :-)

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