Ep. 58 Gardening for Food Preservation

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In this episode of Mother Earth News and Friends, Ira Wallace and Liza Ziegler are discussing what to plant in your garden while keeping food preservation in mind.


Ira Wallace is on the board of the Organic Seed Alliance and is a worker/owner of the cooperatively managed Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, where she coordinates variety selection and new seed grower contracts. Southern Exposure helps people keep control of their food supply through seed saving and sustainable gardening.

Lisa Mason Ziegler is a cut-flower farmer, author, and nationally recognized speaker on organic cut-flower gardening. Ziegler has been farming since 1998; her urban 3-acre farm produces thousands of stems of flowers each week in season. She sells her flowers to florists and through her community-supported agriculture (CSA) programs. Ziegler is the founder and owner of The Gardener’s Workshop, a catalog and online shop offering the gardening tools and supplies she uses in her own gardens.

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