Keep Track of Your Preserving Projects with a Canning Journal

| 5/9/2016 10:57:00 AM

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canning journalHave you ever made a truly superb batch of jam – and then forgotten which recipe you used? Ever lost track of how long a bag of frozen peaches has been lurking in the bottom of the chest freezer?

You aren’t alone. Years ago I made some exquisite plum preserves. I have no idea what kind of plums I used. Ever since, I have been trying to re-create the recipe with no luck. After many summers of trying to perfect my great-grandmother’s ripe pickle recipe I finally got it right. But then promptly lost the sticky note I wrote everything on.

I needed a Canning and Preserving Journal. Maybe you do too. Just like a personal journal can help you keep track of your life events, and a gardening journal will keep your backyard garden organized, a canning journal is a valuable resource for those of us who can and preserve fresh food.

A Canning Journal Keeps Us Organized

If I had started my journal 20 years ago, I would know what kind of plums to pick up at the Farmer’s Market. My great-grandmother’s pickles would be on my table this year, and that forgotten bag of frozen peaches might be used, not sent to the compost pile.

No matter if we have one canning project a year, or one hundred, it helps to have a place to keep track of them. It’s our self-sufficiency version of including a “best buy” date on each jar.

None of us wants to waste food, especially when that food has been preserved by our own two hands. A canning journal helps us stay organized so that we preserve just the right amount of food each year.

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