Ep. 135 Chicken Breeds

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In this episode of Mother Earth News and Friends podcast, Charlotte French and Zach Foley chat about different chicken breeds and why you might think about adding them to your flock.

Additional Resources:
Tracing the Roots of our Domestic Chickens– Meredith Chilson
Consider Breeds Carefully for Regional Weather and Pecking Order – Rachel Anger
Breeds For Colorful Eggs – Jennifer Sartell
Best Breed of Egg Laying Chickens for a Chicken Coop – Cheryl Long
Egg-cellent guide to Chicken Breeds: Chart – Wells Poultry
What’s a Frizzle? – Donna Belcher McGlasson
Heritage Breeds – Jennifer Kendall

Find a Heritage Breed with help from the Livestock Conservancy

 Our Podcast Team:

Carla Tilghman and Jessica Mitchell
Music: “Mountain Sun” by Jason Shaw

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