Year-Round Gardening Using Greenhouses, Hoop Houses, Cold Frames and More

When the growing gets tough courtesy of Jack Frost and company, take action by outfitting your garden with a homemade selection of season-stretching gear. Here, you’ll find our best ideas and plans for DIY cold frames, greenhouses, hoop houses, low tunnels, cloches and other tools that can keep the harvests coming throughout fall and beyond.

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Shorter days and tumbling temperatures needn’t put a halt to your supply of homegrown food. When the growing gets tough courtesy of Jack Frost and company, take action by outfitting your garden with a homemade selection of season-stretching gear. The icing on the cake? Many of the devices you make can also get things growing sooner come spring!

Here, you’ll find our best ideas and plans for DIY cold frames, greenhouses, hoop houses, low tunnels, cloches and other tools that can keep the harvests coming throughout fall and beyond. The dozens of projects range from elaborate and permanent to quick and simple, and many can be made from recycled materials. Have some juice or milk jugs? Turn them into fast cloches. How about some used windows? Fashion an easy cold frame (see photo, above).

No matter the size or style of your plot, you’ll find an effective garden-protection strategy that fits your budget.

General Season-Extension Information

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Cold Frames

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Hoop Houses

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Low Tunnels

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Readers’ Season-Extension Tips

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Use Hog Panels for a Greenhouse Frame
April/May 2012
Heavy-duty wire fencing — also known as “hog panels” — can be arched over an existing garden bed to create a simple, cheap greenhouse frame in a jiffy.

Raise Seedlings With a Greenhouse on Wheels
April/May 2012
Your vehicle can provide a warm, nourishing environment for seeds.

Inexpensive Mini-Greenhouse
February/March 2012
This raised garden bed mini-greenhouse has railroad ties for its base and some scrap wood and sheet plastic as its cover.

Lightweight Plant Protector
October/November 2011
Use a lightweight fleece blanket to safeguard your plants from early frosts.

A Frost-Free Garden Greenhouse
August/September 2011
This simple greenhouse design will let you get a big head start on spring planting.

Simple, Heated Cold Frame
February/March 2011
Use a birdbath heater or a crock pot to warm up a small cold frame, extending your growing season even further.

Freezer Cold Frame
February/March 2006
Transform an old chest freezer into a cold frame.

Build a Free-Standing Greenhouse
February/March 2004
Reader Clara Coleman of Woody Creek, Colo., designed and built this 200-square-foot greenhouse.

Photo by Paul Gardener