Seed Savers Exchange Seeks Stories Using StoryCorps’ App

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Photo courtesy StoryCorps

Do the plants in your garden have a story to tell? Seed Savers Exchange wants to find out. As a nonprofit dedicated to preserving and protecting heirloom plants for future generations, Seed Savers Exchange values the stories contained in every garden and understands how tragic it is to lose them. Unfortunately, out of the 20,000 plant varieties in their collection, Seed Savers Exchange has backstories for just 4,000. To fill this gap, they’ve joined forces with the popular story-sharing service StoryCorps to record the histories behind heirloom plants around the world.

Anyone with a smartphone can download StoryCorps’ app to record interviews about the plants they grow. Each story should include a description of the plant, background information about the person talking and their connection to the plant, and all known information about its history.

After you record an interview, you can upload pictures of the plant along with the hashtags #SeedStories and #SeedSaversExchange to make it simple for other plant enthusiasts to find. To make searching even easier, hashtags can also include the city and state where the interview was conducted, as well as tags like #Gardening, #HeirloomSeeds, #OrganicGardening, and more. Through StoryCorps, Seed Savers Exchange hopes to celebrate the gardening and farming heritage of the United States and generate interest in preserving rare plant species. To record your own heirloom plant story, you can download the app from the Apple app store or Google Play, or learn more about it online at StoryCorps.