Apps for Wildlife Exploration

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Nature apps

Like websites, nature apps are constantly changing and improving. Two of the very best apps are iNaturalist and Project Noah. iNaturalist helps you keep track of your own observations with journals, life lists, etc. It also allows you to get help from the naturalist community in identifying what you have observed. You’ll have fun participating in projects that other people on iNaturalist are running. Project Noah is also an online community of naturalists, where you can post pictures of species for identification by others and participate in ongoing citizen science research projects. It can also be used as a location-based field guide.

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Other recommendations

* = best for novice birders

  1. Birds: Merlin Bird ID (walks you through ID process & free)*, Audubon Birds*, iBird Pro, National Geographic Birds*, Peterson Birds and Sibley eGuide to Birds, BirdsEye Bird Finding Guide.
  2. Mammals: MyNature Animal Tracks, Audubon Mammals, iTrack Wildlife
  3. Amphibians and reptiles: Audubon Reptiles & Amphibians
  4. Trees and plants: Audubon Trees, MyNature Tree Guide, LeafSnap, Tree- Book (beginners), Florafolio, Audubon Wildflowers, Arbor Day Tree Identification Guide, Botany Buddy, BeeSmart (native plants for pollinators)
  5. Invertebrates: Audubon Insects & Spiders, Audubon Butterflies
  6. Fish: Audubon Fish, Find-A-Fish
  7. Fungi: Audubon Mushrooms
  8. Astronomy: Star Walk, SkyView, Google Sky Map
  9. Geology: Rockhound
  10. Recording sightings: iNaturalist, Project Noah, Journey North, SciSpy, WildObs Observer
  11. Where to go: Parkfinder, EveryTrail
  12. Social networking: iNaturalist, Project Noah
  13. For kids only: NatureTap, Hippo Seasons, Backyard Scat & Tracks, Parts of Plants, Parts of Animals

Note: Apps available as of 2016

Reprinted with permission from The Big Book of Nature Activitiesby Drew Monkman and Jacob Rodenburg and published by New Society Publishing, 2016.

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