Best Seed Catalogs of 2014

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The stunningly beautiful photographs in Baker Creek's "The Whole Seed Catalog" are intermingled with articles about saving seeds, canning garden-fresh produce and more. This glossy 365 page book is a minor investment, however, ringing in at $7.95. Worth it? Judging by the way our editors have been jostling to see our copy, we say "yes!" Baker Creek also offers a free, 212 page catalog entitled "Good Seeds" that's only slightly less impressive. Learn more at
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The 2014 Bountiful Gardens catalog contains heirloom, untreated, open-pollinated seeds for sustainable growing. Bountiful Gardens is a project of Ecology Action, a not-for-profit dedicated to ending world hunger by teaching sustainable agriculture.
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The 2014 Burgess seed catalog has sugar maples to St. John's Wort to strawberries and everything in between. The catalog also includes a number of sale items and discounted prices on dwarf pear and dwarf apple trees. Check out their website at
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Early's Seed Catalogue 2014 is organized by vegetables, herbs, seed potatoes, flowers and perennial seeds. In addition to its botanical bounty, Early's also sells many of the materials a gardener needs to begin (and maintain) a thriving garden, including seed-starting pots, row covers and more. Visit their website at
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The cover of FEDCO's 2014 seed catalog was created by the Hall School 5th graders. The inside, however, isn't nearly as elementary and it contains an impressive array of seeds, gardening materials and recommended gardening books. The 150 page catalog is black and white, and includes multiple hand-drawn illustrations on every page. To learn more about the FEDCO co-op, go to
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The 111 page, 2014 seed catalog from Jung Seeds & Plants is full of glossy photographs of almost every plant variety they offer. The catalog opens with new and recommended varieties for 2014. Learn more about Jung by visiting their website,
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Kitazawa Seed Company has been specializing in Asian vegetable seeds since 1917. The catalog is organized alphabetically by type, and you may find exotic varieties that are hard to find elsewhere, such as 'Beka Santoh' Chinese cabbage and 'Saisai Purple' radish leaf. We especially love the "Chef Specialty Garden" plans at the beginning of the catalog that recommend varieties for an Asian Salad Garden, a Macrobiotic Garden, a Juicing Garden and more. Learn more about this unique seed company at
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The 2014 Park Seed catalog has a wide selection of fruit, vegetable and flower varieties as well as gardening supplies ranging from tiny seed-starting trays to impressive glass greenhouses. Park Seed offers hybrid, heirloom, organic and open-pollinated varieties, and each one is tested in Park's trial gardens to ensure quality, hardiness, adaptability and flavor. Learn more about Park Seed at
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When holding the 2014 catalog from R.H. Shumway's, you may feel as though you've been transported to a different time. The catalog is the largest one we received, and with its intricate botanical illustrations and old-fashioned text, it feels like a fancy newspaper from a bygone era. The design of R.H. Shumway's 2014 catalog, as well as the varieties offered within, pay homage to the old-fashioned values of heirloom gardening. Money saving tip: If you place an order with R.H. Shumway's before March 15, 2014 you will receive one packet each of spinach and beans. Learn more at
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For our Canadian friends, Toronto-based Richters offers an array of culinary, medicinal and aromatic herbs. This is a particularly valuable source for gardeners who make their own herbal products or are in the business of herbs. Learn more at their website,
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We're big fans of Seed Savers Exchange. This non-profit organization is dedicated to saving and sharing heirloom seeds, and their members include some exceptionally talented gardeners. All of the seeds offered in their 2014 catalog are open-pollinated and heirloom varieties. Seed Savers Exchange is also offering a selection of special-edition varieties from their "Preservation Gardens" that were previously only available to members. Learn more about this impressive company at
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Southern Exposure's free, 2014 catalog offers 20 new heirloom and organic varieties. The company has also pledged to not knowingly buy or sell genetically engineered seeds or plants and their motto is "Saving the Past for the Future." The catalog is organized alphabetically by type, and includes a plethora of colorful photographs and botanical illustrations. Learn more about Southern Exposure Seed Exchange on their website, at
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Territorial Seed Company's 2014 catalog offers more than 275 new varieties. Located in Oregon, Territorial's research garden staff grows and evaluates thousands of varieties for taste, Northwest hardiness and good germination. This seed company is a great choice for gardeners located in the Pacific Northwest. Learn more at

It may still be freezing where you live, but now is the perfect time of year to curl up with a mug of tea and your collection of seed catalogs to start dreaming about next year’s garden. Peruse the slideshow in this article to see a collection of 13 seed catalogs from companies that are dedicated to providing seed varieties that are open-pollinated, heirloom or GMO-free. Whether you live in the Northwest, have a penchant for Asian vegetables, or only want heirloom seeds, there’s something for everyone in this collection of brand new 2014 seed catalogs. 

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