Organic Slug and Snail Control for Gardeners (Video)

Reader Contribution by Shelley Stonebrook
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Gardeners, spring is in reach, and if, like me, you live in an area that’s prone to slugs and snails, such as the Pacific Northwest, you know that soon you’ll be on slime patrol. Spring tends to be slugs’ heyday, because the weather is cool and moist, and the garden offers up a salad bar of young, tender seedlings for them to mow down.

This video offers a roundup of organic options for slug and snail control, from organic slug baits to placing physical barriers around vulnerable crops. Such physical barriers include strips of copper (which gives snails a small electrical jolt when they touch it) and plastic collars.

You’ll also learn how to place beer traps in your garden and even use items you may already have on hand, such as a grapefruit rind, to deter these garden pests.

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