Natural Landscaping and City Codes (with Edible Weeds Fish Tacos Recipe)

| 6/29/2016 1:18:00 PM

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Greens for topping

I was removing the pervasive field bindweed from my garden in a meditative zen sort of way during the early morning hours. I looked up to see a fellow villager strolling along with her daughter. We smiled, greeted one another, and then I asked her a simple question. I spread my hands wide and queried, “Do you think this is ugly?”

Without pause, she responded, “No. But I know that you’re doing that natural landscaping thing.”

I have no idea who this neighbor is. However, I got the sense that she knows about the vision I have for my yard from whatever scuttlebutt is going through our wee town. You see, the Council has once again decided that I need to return to compliance. My grass is too tall and I have noxious weeds on my property.

If you’ve poked around my home website or you’ve known me more than a couple of years, you likely know about my travails with our local village and our lawn mowing.

City Codes and Lawn Care

7/18/2016 5:49:24 PM

The recipe sounds great! As or the COUNCIL... (insert the 4 letter word of your choice) and "_ _ _ _ them". And bless you for your choices! When will they ever learn?

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