Greater Life Force In the Garden: A Soil Fertility Manifesto

| 10/24/2013 4:22:00 PM

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At Mad Love Organix, we strive to simplify the complex organism we have become.

Dependent on materials outside ourselves, we daydream about how things should be: simple, practical and sustainable.

Daydreams can be enlightening. Before any plants were growing in the front yard, Mad Love Organix sprouted as an idea, just a random daydream. But it wasn’t my idea. And I am not responsible.

That brings me to a point. I, alone, am no one. I do not grow food. I do not water the garden. I do notLife Force In The Garden photosynthesize. I do not put the life force in the soil. I do not make the seed.

A natural force other than I is responsible for all this. That same natural force uses this body I like to consider my own to garden. When gardening, something makes me feel aware that I am one with this natural force. And this body feels one with the natural earth. Feeling connected to an unknown something so colossal and vibrant, so much more than what the body’s eyes can see, gives me the impression that everything is interconnected and together we are one.

The seeded idea of Mad Love Organix has germinated into reality. And the reality we face is made complex by the large corporations who have industrialized everything, especially organic gardening.

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