Weird or Wonderful? Growing Food in Unusual Places

Reader Contribution by Benedict Vanheems
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Many edible crops can be grown almost anywhere, so even if you don’t have much space, you can still grow food. Try out some of the ideas below and make the most of your garden!

Quirky Containers

• Old items of clothing and footwear
• Furniture — for instance, an old chest of drawers
• Wooden crates
• Anything else that will hold soil!


• Car tires for potatoes
• Raised beds made from large tractor tires
• Old burlap sacks with holes cut into the sides for planting through
• Growing bags used for tomatoes, cut open and planted up with winter salad leaves
• Pallets

Vertical Gardening

• Attach pots to walls and strong fences.
• Purchase or make tower planters, planting pockets, or hanging baskets.
• Lengths of guttering can be used to grow strawberries and pea shoots.
• Grow cucumbers up a trellis.
• Grow pole beans on wigwams.
• Train squashes up an arch.

Flower Garden

• Grow vegetables with colored stems and leaves among flowers.
• Allow vegetables to flower to produce seed and enhance an ornamental display.
• Mixing flowers with vegetables attracts pollinators and other beneficial insects.

Front Gardens

• Grow edibles in the front yard and leave the backyard for playtime and relaxation.
• Create a strong design that will look fantastic year-round.

Roofs and Balconies

• Roofs of houses, outbuildings, and sheds can all be used to grow food, but may need reinforcement to take the weight.
• Grow pots of fruits, veggies, and herbs on balconies.

Learn more about growing your crops in unusual places in this video.

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