3 Garden Tool Gift Ideas

Reader Contribution by Jennifer Kongs
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As with almost any gardener, I have a few tried-and-true favorite garden tools. My love of garden tools is so well-known among my friends and family, that my husband and I received a hoe and a hand-weeding tool for our wedding. (Yes, I know, I have great friends.) Below is a short collection of some of the tools I own and use, and can recommend whole-heartedly for those lucky green thumbs on your holiday shopping list who could use a new toy tool in their gardening supply kit. All of these tools are made by small, family-owned companies in the U.S.

Broadfork. These tools are essential for loosening garden beds without destroying the soil structure. My personal favorite comes from Gulland Forge, where the broadforks are handmade with ash handles and welded metal tines. You can choose from three sizes, depending on your needs and preferences. Mine is the original size, and I’ve been putting it to the test for three garden seasons so far — it shows no sign of wear or tear. Larry Cooper, the owner of Gulland Forge, provides excellent customer service, too (see photo). Price: $185 to $225 (plus shipping).

Shovel. I don’t have the body weight to easily sink a shovel blade into the ground, so a nice, weighty shovel that can keep a sharp edge through several sessions of use is important for my garden efficiency and digging satisfaction. The shovel that’s stolen my heart is a “D” handled shovel with a rounded blade that came from The American Garden Tool Co. The shovel is rust-resistant and has a 5-year guarantee against breakage.  You’ll find other shovels of the same caliber from this family-owned tool company, along with a variety of other quality garden products, including some nifty ratcheting pruners.  Price: $81 (plus shipping).

Hoe. I keep an array of garden hoes around for various weeding and bed-prep chores throughout the season. I found all three of my favorites from Rogue Hoe. A family operation out of Missouri, each hoe is handmade with heads crafted from recycled agricultural disc blades. Of special note: the 65VW, which has a triangle blade on one end of the head and a solid, three-pronged rake on the other; the 75G for weeding in delicate spaces, such as around just-sprouted seedlings; and the 55F, for when you have some serious bed- or row-shaping to get done. Price: $35 to $40 (plus shipping).

Photo of Larry Cooper of Gulland Forge and me, holding a new model of my broadfork from his company at the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR in Seven Springs, Pa.

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