Garden Greenhouse Kits and Supplies

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Everything you need to build and maintain your garden greenhouse is now just a few clicks away. Below is a list of online suppliers selling everything from do-it-yourself hobby greenhouse kits to luxury greenhouses.

ACF Greenhouses
Variety of greenhouse kits and helpful ratings as to the ease of assembly of each model.

Charley’s Greenhouse and Garden
Variety of backyard greenhouses and accessories as well as a section dedicated to greenhouse gardening tips

Everyday Greenhouses
All sorts of  greenhouse supplies and guidance to suit your particular needs.

Florian Greenhouse
Quality, customizable garden greenhouses.

Gothic Arch Greenhouses
Variety of greenhouse styles and designs.

Greenhouse Megastore
Sells a variety of greenhouses from hobby to luxury models as well as a myriad of greenhouse supplies and accessories.

Grower Supply, Inc
Hobby greenhouse kits, equipment and greenhouse gardening accessories.

Home Harvest Garden Supply
Greenhouse kits and technical equipment such as soil test kits and CO2 monitors.

Build My Own Greenhouse
Find almost anything you need to build your own greenhouse.

National Greenhouse Company
Variety of greenhouses from basic to beautiful.

Santa Barbara Greenhouses
Build your own greenhouses from a choice of aluminum or California redwood frames. Helpful advice on exchanging seeds.

Sundance Supply
Online do-it-yourself greenhouse supplies including a glazing calculator and lots of other great resources.

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