Free Wood Mulch! Some for Me, Some for You

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Photo by Fotolia/Matthew Benoit
Free mulch is easier to get than you may think.

I’ve found a way to obtain piles of free mulch for my gardens, and to still have plenty left to share with friends and neighbors as well. Some tree-trimming companies will dump a truckload of their mulched trimmings in a person’s driveway for no charge. The company who is contracted by our local power utility to trim the trees near power lines is happy to dump mulch for any resident who calls and asks. I tip the guys who drop it off, save hundreds of dollars in mulch costs, and avoid the packaging waste of buying mulch in bags. Plus, I enjoy the opportunity to share with my neighbors. It’s a win for everyone!

Two added bonuses are that my son has a great time playing on the pile before it disappears, and my neighbors use less herbicide now that the extra mulch keeps their weeds at bay.

Melissa Bees
Bellevue, Nebraska

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