Flower Photos From the Photo Club

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Tim Koch of Wynot, Nebraska stops to smell the flowers.
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A lilac bush in Kingsport, Tennessee.
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Joshua Cowan of Ft. Lupton, Colorado is surrounded.
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White gladiolus against a fence in Bend, Oregon.

First there was a trickle, followed by a flood. The response to our invitation for MOTHER EARTH NEWS readers to join the Photo Club has been overwhelming. So many of you chose to send us your late-season flower photos that we couldn’t resist brightening the winter season pages with them. It’s hard not to smell those lilacs, white gladiola, coneflowers, and morning glories from here.

U.S. farmers plant nearly four million acres of sunflowers each year, which produce over two million tons of seeds. It is not uncommon for stalks to grow twenty feet tall or more!

The lilac’s purple flowers are said to represent the earliest emotions of love. Lilac seed requires a one-month cold period before planting.