Edible Roses

Roses are not only beautiful in the garden, these edible rose recipes make food taste wonderful and this rose sachet craft smells heavenly.

| March/April 1971

Roses are beautiful, smell lovely and edible roses taste wonderful.

Roses are beautiful, smell lovely and edible roses taste wonderful.

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Here are a few traditional recipes for edible roses plus an unlikely organic gardening tip.

Roses: Food and Craft Recipes

Rose Petal Jam Recipe
Candied Rose Petals Recipe
Rose Water Recipe
Rose Petal Sachet Recipe

How to Use Edible Roses

Almost every original homestead in the Midwest — sooner or later — had at least one rose bush somewhere near the back door. Sure, roses are pretty to look at and the real old-fashioned variety (unlike many of the current hybrids) are unbelievably fragrant . . . but your grandmother grew them for other reasons too: She made rose water and sachets from their petals and she even cooked with them. That's right . . . COOKED with them.

See the edible rose recipes at the top of this article.

Organic Rose Gardening Tips

This organic gardening tip can change your saddest rose bushes into the showpiece of the homestead.

My beautiful New Dawn rose (Inter-State Nurseries, Hamburg, Iowa) spent the first three miserable years of its life just trying to stay alive because — if I had tried to make every mistake in the book — I could not possibly have been more successful. I not only planted the newly arrived rose in the shade of some large hackberry trees but — being pressed for time — I just dug a hole in the ground, stuck the rose in, watered it and hoped for the best.

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