Rose Petal Sachet Recipe

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This Rose Petal Sachet Recipe makes a special scented item to tuck into closets and drawers to bring the garden indoors.

Rose Petal Sachet Recipe

A nearly forgotten use for rose petals of times gone by was to dry the blossoms, place them in little bags and tuck them in among the linens for an added bit of freshness. Here’s a good way to do this:

Gather two cups of fragrant, newly-opened rose petals as early in the morning as possible. You will also need a 4-inch by 7-inch piece of colored nylon net and one-fourth teaspoon each of ground cinnamon, allspice and ginger for each sachet.

Spread the rose petals on a large tray lined with paper towels in a protected area where the wind will not blow them about. If you have them, it’s nice to dry a few mint leaves for added fragrance and color. Let the petals dry from four days to a week, turning them often. You can tell when they’re dry enough for use for they will crackle when picked up.

After they are completely dry put all the petals and leaves into a small bowl, add the three spices and mix well. Next take the nylon net and fold it so it measures 3 by 3 1/2 inches and stitch down the two sides to make a bag. Fill the bag with the petal mixture. Gather the open end of the sachet together — leaving a heading on the bag about three-quarters of an inch deep — and tie tightly with thread. A small bit of ribbon in a matching or contrasting color tied with an attractive bow will hide the thread. These make lovely gifts at small cost and if you grow climbing roses you will always have plenty of rose petals for these sachets.

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