Candied Rose Petals Recipe

This traditional Candied Rose Petals Recipe creates beautiful candied rose petals you can use to decorate your favorite cake.

| March/April 1971

This Candied Rose Petals Recipe can be used to create candied rose petals for desserts.

Candied Rose Petals Recipe

How about Candied Rose Petals? They're easy to make. Simply prepare the petals as you would for jam, snipping off the white bases. Then mix the white of one egg with 1 tablespoon water, dip each petal in this liquid and place on a paper towel, convex side up, to drain. While the petals are still damp but most of the liquid has drained off, sprinkle with granulated sugar on both sides and place on waxed paper to dry for about 12 hours. Placed in a covered container in the refrigerator, Candied Rose Petals will keep for about a month and are just marvelous to serve for a special treat.

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