Cornell National Farming Practices Survey

Reader Contribution by Cornell University
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Cornell University is reaching out to farmers across the country to take their National Farming Practices survey. The purpose behind this survey is to understand what farmers in America take into consideration most when deciding whether or not to implement certain farming practices on their farms.

Questions in the survey consist of asking the general location and size of the farm, the farmer’s role on the farm, and type of crop grown there in order to look for a common thread between all farm challenges in the country, regardless of the location or size of the farm.

Each farmer that participates in this survey gives the Cornell research team a valuable insight into the daily life and struggles of an American farmer, and also helps the team identify the most common challenges among all farmers, no matter what their region or crop may be. By identifying these challenges, the team can then begin to work towards solutions to overcome them.

Along with helping with a vital research project, all farmers who take this survey and submit their email address at the conclusion of the survey are eligible to win a 500-dollar prize, giving the farmers of America a little incentive to participate in this study.

All information provided during this survey is and will remain confidential, with leaving n email address as an option only suggestion. By taking the survey, you are giving your consent for your given information to be used in the involvement of Cornell’s study on farming practices.

The survey takes approximately 30 minutes to complete, and it is recommended that you use a computer, laptop, or tablet to complete it, rather than a smartphone.

By taking this survey for Cornell, farmers can help a research team get answers to some of the biggest and most difficult tasks involved with farm life, as well as have the opportunity for a 500-dollar reward.

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