10 Ways to Boost Your Land Value

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Why are property rights important? Should you add fencing? Learn how to increase the value of rural property with these tips and techniques.

Each piece of land is unique, and there are almost as many ways to improve the value of land as there are parcels of land and willing land owners. However, there are some universally acknowledged tried-and-true methods of improving land value. Every person who owns country property will find several of these things within their ability, and improving your land provides a great source of personal satisfaction.

How to Increase the Value of Rural Property

1) Simple appreciation

This is the single most important way for land to gain in value. The best part is that it works automatically, unless some negative factor affects the land. For this method to work to its full potential, it must be considered even before the land is purchased. Care should be taken when evaluating the location of the property. Is it within reasonable driving distance to jobs and shopping areas? Is the growth pattern of the area likely to extend towards the land? Is it in an area of good job growth and prosperity, or is it in a region that is losing jobs? Lack of available work will affect real estate values in a negative fashion. Sometimes, it greatly depreciates land value.

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