How to Tell if a Community is Fit for the "Good Life"

| 1/8/2018 10:04:00 AM

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The Pines

The Pines playing at a Driftless Books, a tobacco warehouse that has been converted into a used book store with more books on the shelves than in many small town.

In my last post, I described what portends to be a very challenging future for all of us when I described why Learning How to Grow Your Own Food Matters More Than Ever. When the countries of the world are reduced to ruins by overpopulation, resource depletion and the lust for wealth resulting in the wanton destruction of the environment, you should seek refuge in one of many safer places that will survive the trying times to come.

Where Should You Go?

Mother Earth News readers, sustainability advocates, and natural farming practitioners have been spearheading a movement back to the land that started at the apex of the industrial revolution after the second World War. The movement took off in full force after the Woodstock Music Festival held down on Yasgurs Farm in 1969, described here by Joni Mitchell.

When you’re fed up with city life, or you’re living in a dry, barren climate, feel a lack of support for your desire for a more sustainable life, and realize it’s time to bail, it’s finally time to move and join the movement back to a calmer, greener, supportive community.

There are a number of regions in the United States that will be a safe haven in the future. Cities and the unplanned urban sprawl documented in the End of Suburbia will be increasingly stressful and are not, nor can they ever be, despite the wishful thinking, sustainable. These regions and towns are described in a new publication named Real Small Towns. The magazine has featured towns from Homer, Alaska, to Belfast, Maine, and in between.

My advice: Find a place where something wild still grows. The Pines describe such a place in their album Above the Prairie. They point out that “we format our dreams to fit our screens and have less and less to say” and they are part of a new generation of thinkers and doers that are revitalizing rural America.

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