Nature and Environment Articles

Explore how sustainability creates a connection between our communities and the natural world that sustains us.

Can We Really Make A Difference?

By Anna Twitto

Can the sustainability movement really produce a global impact?

Town of Crestone, Colorado, Takes Bold Step by Recognizing the Inherent Rights of Nature

By Darlene May Lee, Earth Law Center

Darlene Lee discusses the recognition of the rights of nature in Crestone, Colorado.

Spring Wildfire 2018

By Bruce McElmurray

The impact both emotionally and physically of enduring a wildfire.

At the Crux of Environmental and Cultural Preservation: The Tale of a Mayan Village, Part 1

By Luke Maguire Armstrong

Tzununa, Guatemala, provides for a revealing case study to contemplate modernization and globalized market economies and how they reach the indigenous world.


The Death of a Species

By Carrie Miller, Miller Micro Farm

The death of the ash tree due to the emerald ash borer.

Earth Law Can Help Galapagos Sharks

By Darlene May Lee, Earth Law Center

Darlene Lee discusses the issues of Galapagos Sharks and Earth Law as a solution with Shelia Hu.

The Natural Collection Through Collagraph Printmaking: Part 2

By Barbara Hengstenberg

After collecting flora from nature, now it's time to make a composition, creating a printmaking plate and print. This project is great for creating artwork, note cards arts and crafts for kids

Reduce Food Waste by Shopping Salvage Stores

By Corinne Gompf, Heritage Harvest Farm

Shop food-salvage stores to reduce corporate food waste, save money.