The Growth of Goals

Reader Contribution by Shawn Hosford
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When I sent out an email last week to family and friends announcing my latest blog post, I noted that it had been a year since I had completed and published my book, The Invisible Parenting Handbook.

I am fascinated with how quickly time passes, and how our goals evolve and age, with or without us. My book had been in my head and heart for years. I started and stopped writing it several times. Finally, two cheerleaders inspired me to finish by holding my feet to the fire with deadlines, editing my submissions to them, and encouraging me throughout the process. Without Lacey Hill and Susan Breitenstein, I might never have gotten this book to a place where I could hand it over to the other twelve editors who made my book come to life. Writing with dyslexia made 14 editors essential. A year ago, these 14 editors and I finished a book, my physical goal actualized.

With a continued passion for intentional parenting, the book has been just a part of a personal process to reach out to parents and share stories about setting road maps for raising responsible adults. The sub-goal status the book assumed mirrored my own parenting process, always fueled by further sub-goals: instilling healthy habits, fostering a responsibility for personal achievements and set-backs, and methodically releasing the reins of personhood into my daughter’s own hands.

The goal of writing a parenting book started me thinking about the idea of nature versus nurture, which I continue to consider today. Over the course of my life, I have seen a wonderful timid soul moved to destruction in the “wrong” environment, just as I have seen a soul bordering on sociopathy moved to goodness in the “right” environment. I know you can squeeze the life from a delicate soul through harshness, or tame a destructive soul with love. Sharing parenting experiences has taught me the vastness of parenting possibilities, and led me to a stronger belief in the potential of conscious and deliberate decisions.

Through the process of writing a parenting book, I have come to conclude that most every parenting style has a seat at the parenting table as long as it is intentional in love and forethought. I have been reminded continuously of the necessity of others, like my 14 generous editors, while pursuing seemingly personal paths. A year after publishing my book, my hope remains that The Invisible Parenting Handbook will find its way into many thoughtful hands, and that those reading the book will work toward their own goals with the intention it takes to raise responsible adults, and the humility to do so more richly, with the camaraderie of others.

What goals have you accomplished in your last year? Do you have a book or big goal that you want to accomplish next year? Who can you turn to for help to meet or beat your goals or deadlines?


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