Seven Springs Speaker Spotlight: Dr. Jaclyn Chasse, Naturopathic Physician

Reader Contribution by Erica Binns
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Get to know Dr. Jaclyn Chasse, N.D. of Northeast Integrative Medicine.

What are you going to speak about at the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIR?

I will be providing 3 workshops at the FAIR: Natural Options for Menopause, Building a Natural First Aid Kit, and Cleanse and Detox 101.

Natural Options for Menopause is for one of the largest patient groups I work with in practice, and natural medicine is such a great fit for managing menopause! Some women go through menopause with no change other than the cessation of menstruation. But for other women, they suffer with hot flashes, mood changes, weight gain, fatigue, changes in sex drive and much more. I am excited to share the most up to date research on what causes these symptoms in the first place, what works to ease these symptoms, and what women can do to transition through menopause gracefully and symptom-free. Husbands, you’re going to want to drag your wives to this seminar!

I gave the workshop Building a Natural First Aid Kit at last year’s FAIR, and it was wildly popular – the room was standing room only! It’s obvious that for anyone with a family, knowing how to manage urgent but non-life-threatening medical situations is a priority. In this workshop, we will go through the major at-home first aid situations: cuts, bruises, burns, sunburns, stings, fevers and much more and discuss how to use natural medicines, including herbal medicines and homeopathy, to manage these conditions. We will also discuss how to know when you need to see a doctor. This is a hands-on workshop – lots of great herbs to see, touch, taste, and experience!

I have a feeling that the workshop Cleanse and Detox 101 will be another popular one. Many people like to do a cleanse each year. Even many animals perform cleansing on a seasonal or annual basis. This workshop will first discuss how your body performs the process of detoxification including what organs are involved, how it happens, and why it is so important. We’ll then discuss the steps you can take to perform a detox or cleanse program. We’ll discuss what toxins you should always avoid and where we tend to be exposed. We will then cover simple and gentle things you can do to decrease the toxins you take into your body and increase your body’s elimination of toxins. If there’s interest, we will cover the barrage of supplements available to support detoxification and how to choose a high quality one that will meet your needs. You’re going to love your liver and your organic foods by the end of this presentation!

What are you most looking forward to sharing with FAIR attendees?

I really enjoyed presenting at the FAIR last year. It was so wonderful to meet attendees, learn from other presenters, and have the opportunity to share information that allows fairgoers to better their health (even if they leave the workshop and head to that delicious homemade ice cream booth!)

The word doctor comes from the Latin “Docere”, which means “to teach”. I am very excited to share knowledge that can empower others to take control of their health, be more self-sufficient, and live long and healthy lives.

Tell us about your background with your particular topic.

I a licensed naturopathic physician. This means I attended a 4-year, full-time, clinically based medical school that teaches both conventional medicine and natural medicine. I practice primary care medicine with this blend of therapies, and focus especially on diet and lifestyle practices that can promote health and prevent disease.

Why should fairgoers attend your presentation?

These presentations will allow attendees to walk away with enough information to actually implement these strategies in their lives. For the menopause talk, any woman suffering with perimenopausal symptoms will leave with several options to try to help in relieving their symptoms and staying healthy after menopause. For the first aid talk, families will leave with resources to know what they need for their first aid kit, where to find those things, and how to safely use them. And for the cleanse talk, we will de-mystify the process of cleansing and each attendee should be able to design and implement their own cleanse immediately after they leave.

How will you get to the FAIR, and how far do you have to travel?

I will travel to the FAIR from New Hampshire. My trip includes a 1 hour drive to Boston to catch my plane, an hour or so flight to Pittsburgh, and then an hour’s drive to Seven Springs. I had no idea how much I would love participating in the FAIR last year – it’s definitely worth the trip!

What are you most looking forward to at the FAIR?

Last year, the highlight of my trip was meeting K.C. Compton, the editor of the Herb Companion. I introduced myself and we ended up talking for hours. That’s what’s so amazing about coming to the FAIR. It’s very powerful to bring like-minded people together, and you never know what you will learn!

What advice do you have for attendees?

Leave your cell phone in your car, bring an empty notebook to take notes, and be ready to enjoy yourself! And bring a friend to the FAIR! This year, I am bringing my mother with me – she is an avid organic gardener and loves to learn new tips and tricks. I can’t wait to share the weekend with her!

If you were stranded on a deserted island and could have only one thing, what would you choose?

Probably the MOTHER EARTH NEWS Archive – whatever I’d need to know to thrive on that island is in there, I’m sure of it.

Thanks, Jaclyn. We’ll see you at the FAIR!

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