New Year’s Revolution: Practice Random Acts of Kindness

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Most of us scurry through our days – ticking off items on our to-do lists, scurrying here and there, focused on feeding ourselves, attending to personal hygiene, making a living, exercising when we find the time to, weeding gardens, mowing lawns, arriving at appointments on time…you know the drill.

To make your life rich life even richer, consider taking some time to give a little to those whose paths you cross on a daily basis. Stoop down to pick up a water bottle someone walking in front of you dropped. Hold a door for someone, and ladies, that means you too. Offer a helping hand to someone in a store who can’t reach an item on a shelf, or help another load groceries in the trunk.

Practice random acts of kindness.

Random acts of kindness toward others, even perfect strangers, helps us break out of the shell of self-concern that traps so many of us. It widens our appreciation of the plights of others. It opens us up to the larger community in which we dwell.

It helps other people feel cared for.

It creates warmth.

It  promotes a generosity of spirit so badly needed in these trying times.

It helps us broaden our role from taker to giver.

In so doing, we begin to think differently about ourselves and we gain happiness by becoming one who goes out of his or her way to assist others.

Try a random act of kindness today – just one per day is a good start.

You’ll find your life becomes more meaningful, more whole, more enjoyable, and more loving.

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