Dan Chiras, Green Homes and Renewable Energy Expert

Dan Chiras bioDaniel D. Chiras is a longtime contributing editor for MOTHER EARTH NEWS and frequent speaker at the MOTHER EARTH NEWS FAIRS. Chiras is an internationally acclaimed expert in green homes and renewable energy, and is one of America’s most prolific and diverse authors. He has written 30 books in the past 30 years (see Amazon.com's Daniel D. Chiras page), including many popular self-help and how-to books on solar and wind energy, sustainable community development, green home improvement, natural building, green building, parenting, and study skills.

Dan is best known for his books on residential renewable energy and green building, including these popular titles, which are available from MOTHER EARTH NEWS.

The Solar House: Passive Heating and Cooling 

Power from the Sun 

The Homeowner's Guide to Renewable Energy, Revised & Updated  

Power from the Wind 

Solar Electricity Basics 

Wind Power Basics 

Green Transportation Basics 

Solar Home Heating Basics  

Green Home Improvement  

Dan has also published well over 300 articles in magazines, newspapers, journals, encyclopedias, and through the Internet.

Dan has taught at the college level for over 30 years and is currently a visiting professor of environmental science at Colorado College where he teaches courses on solar and wind energy.

Dan is founder and director of The Evergreen Institute, where he teaches workshops in green building, sustainable lifestyles (including the softer side of sustainability – personal transformation), writing, and residential renewable energy. Dan has given and hundreds of public speeches.  

Dan has appeared on numerous radio and television shows, including The Evening News with Tom Brokaw (two times) and Science Friday with Ira Flatow.

Dan is also president of Sustainable Systems Design, which he founded in 1984. Through this business venture, he consults on residential green building, solar electricity, wind energy, and passive solar heating and cooling. Over the years, Dan has consulted on dozens of residential green building and renewable energy projects for homeowners, developers, and architects throughout the United States, Canada and Central America. Readers are welcome to join the blog and participate in an ongoing discussion that could help many live a more fulfilling and loving life.