Home Remedies and Health Tips

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For the most part, our readers' home remedies and health tips don't involve pills — unless you need help swallowing them.

Of course, no sanctioned medical authority has verified the claims made here, and we’re not representing them as such. But nothing here violates the Hippocratic Oath either (“First, do no harm”). And who knows, maybe one or another might even do you some good.

Garlic Wrap

An Osprey, Florida reader has submitted one of the more unusual home remedies we’ve heard. Nevertheless, she claims that it’ll provide relief for colds, fever, infections, or inflammations. Before retiring in the evening, Olive Lammon wraps her feet once with lightweight cloth, then places cut pieces of fresh garlic over her soles and wraps the cloth around one more time. Olive then puts socks over the “bandages” and sleeps that way through the night. In the morning she removes socks, cloth, and garlic and allows her feet to “breathe.” The Sunshine Stater claims that the garlic actually “draws” sickness and poison from the body.

Relax Your Feet

Canadian MOTHER EARTH NEWS-reader Graham Noble of Kamloops, British Columbia gave us this idea for relaxing your feet after a long hard day. Graham says to find a board that’s just slightly larger than both your feet, and then glue or nail 1/4″ doweling around the perimeter. After filling the tray with marbles of varying sizes, you can remove your shoes and rub your feet over the little glass spheres. According to Graham, not only is this procedure relaxing and good for your feet, but the tray makes a good storage spot for marbles — and even looks pretty!

Raw Food Cure

There is a cure for the common cold, according to Ed Robertson of Richmond, Virginia. When Ed feels the all too familiar symptoms coming on, he avoids high protein foods and grains and consumes only raw vegetables such as carrots, lettuce, and celery. Ed contends that cold viruses thrive in the body’s naturally acidic pH. By temporarily altering the balance with alkaline foods, he claims, he produces an environment in which the viruses can’t survive.

Butter Pills

Anyone who has a small child realizes how difficult it can be to get youngsters to swallow pills. Well, Jane Ratting of Uehling, Nebraska dips her child’s medication in butter. Thus lubricated, the tablets or capsules slide down easily (with the help of a sip of water or fruit juice).