Medicinal Herb Garden: Cold and Flu

Grow a medicinal herb garden to help alleviate cold and flu symptoms.

| February 11, 2014

Herbal Remedy Gardens (Storey Books, 1999), by Master Gardener Dorie Byers, gives even beginners a chance at growing bountiful herb gardens. With more than 30 examples of garden plans for any space and the know-how to care for 25 medicinal herbs anyone can be prepared to treat and prevent their specific health needs. The following excerpt details two ways to layout a medicinal herb garden with herbs to help treat and prevent colds and flu, along with a recipe for a natural decongestant.

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Cold and Flu Garden

When cooler winter weather arrives here in Indiana colds and flus often arrive, too. Raise a medicinal herb garden for an herbal harvest that can be used to treat your cold or flu.

Plot Garden #1

A smaller garden for these plants could be tiered or terraced, bordered on two sides by yarrow and echinacea. Plant prostrate rosemary on the bottom row so that it will spill over the edge. Use flat stones stacked on top of each other or cedar logs to support the soil in each tier. Do not use treated lumber, because the chemicals used in treating the wood can leach into the soil and subsequently be absorbed into the herbs.

For some added character, try placing an old wooden ladder or wagon wheel on your prepared ground. Plant different herbs between the spokes or rungs.

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