Genetically Engineered Foods: What Are Your Thoughts?

Reader Contribution by Staff

How do you feel about the introduction of genetically engineered crops into U.S. soil?

It’s a complex issue, no doubt. GE crops have the potential to fight off pests and diseases with fewer harmful chemicals, and now, scientists have found that they can actually grow pharmaceuticals by adding human genes to rice.

Then again, some say we haven’t fully assessed the risks posed by these new crops. That’s the concern expressed by the Union of Concerned Scientists, who say that the U.S. Department of Agriculture has already failed to keep these crops from contaminating mainstream food channels. Is it wise to move ahead with these plans, when the possible economic, environmental and public health consequences are unknown?

Here’s your chance to speak up. The USDA is taking public comment on the issue until September 11, and it’s easy to weigh in by sending your thoughts electronically. Click here for the USDA comment site, or here for a form letter and more information from UCS.