Have You Stopped Eating a Food for Health or Other Reasons?

Reader Contribution by Staff
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We asked you recently what kind of food you think it’s most important to limit your intake of. From the poll options, an overwhelming number of you chose Processed Foods as the food to eat less of, with Sugar coming in a distant second. Here are the complete results:

Of the following, which food do you think it’s most important to limit your intake of?

Total Votes: 813

There are many other foods and ingredients that people choose not to consume that weren’t in the poll, from caffeine and artificial sweeteners to gluten or any kind of meat. The reasons why we choose to limit some foods are just as varied: flavor, health reasons, weight loss, personal ethics, political statements. For some, it’s not a choice but a neccessity, either for financial reasons or as the result of a food intolerance or severe allergy.

Knowing that MOTHER EARTH NEWS readers are often health-consious and choose to grow their own food, we’re curious: Have you cut back or eliminated certain ingredients or foods from your diet? If so, why, and what effects have you noticed as a result?