Wisely Choosing a Line Trimmer or Brush Cutter

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As I write this note, a much needed rain has just started to fall. If it hadn’t, I would have been outdoors trimming grass around trees and buildings with my brush cutter. Over the years I’ve tested many brush cutters and line trimmers – both gas-powered and battery powered – and I’ve come to some pretty firm conclusions about what’s practical and what isn’t when it comes to this kind of equipment. 

The model that makes sense for you is a function of the size and wildness of the grounds you take care of. A postage stamp lawn is best trimmed with hand shears, though more than a few companies are happy to sell you cordless line trimmers for this work. Gas-powered line trimmers are my choice for larger lawns of the suburban sort, though beyond this you’re better off with a brush cutter. Though primarily designed to spin a circular blade for cutting small brush and saplings, a brush cutter happens to be the most comfortable option for trimming grass when it’s equipped with a line trimmer head. This is because all brush cutters come with a harness and handlebars. The harness distributes weight onto your shoulders, and the handle bars make it much easier to swing the tool from side-to-side during use.  Although somewhat heavier than a line trimmer, I’ve always found a brush cutter less tiring to use.

In 1993 I bought the largest Jonsered brush cutter on the market, and it’s still starting well and running perfectly today, after more than 200 hours use. A month ago I bought the largest brush cutter ECHO makes as a partner to old faithful, and after 3 hours of work, I really like it.

For more information on brush cutters and line trimmers – including the facts about 2- and 4-stroke models, check out the full story at http://www.SteveMaxwell.ca /line-trimmers-and-brush-cutters 

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