The Truth of Rural American Farming

Reader Contribution by Dodge County Concerned Citizens
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Many farmers across the country are not happy with the state of the agricultural environment in America. Dodge County Concerned Citizens has decided to take matters into their own hands and arm the public with knowledge on what is going on behind the scenes of rural America.

The group is hosting an event in Owatonna, Minnesota to discuss and share the dark truths behind what has happened to agriculture and farms throughout the country in recent years. Family farms and the environment are under siege for higher profits in the food industry, and the quality of food and the land are suffering because of it.

The event will be showing two videos to help inform the public on the truth behind their food and the system that produces it.

First, they will be showing “The Economics of Sustainable Agriculture and the Food Revolution,” presented by John Ikerd, an agricultural economics professor at the University of Missouri.

The second film that will be shown is “The Dark Side of the Other White Meat.” This video will be shedding some light on the farmers’ struggle in Dodge County, Minnesota, who have been fighting for cleaner water and soil for their farms.

After these videos, a Q&A will be held for those in attendance to ask for any further information or any questions about the videos presented.

The issues surrounding rural farms of America have been discussed for years, but many in the public are unaware as to the depth or true effects of some of these issues, which is why Dodge County Concerned Citizens is inviting anyone to their event to hear the truth about rural farming today.

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