Learn Judy’s Magic Cast On

Bumps on knitted socks and bags vanish when you learn Judy’s Magic Cast On.

| August 31, 2012

Judy’s Magic Cast On is a way to cast on for enclosed objects invisibly, allowing you to make a clean start on toe-up socks, top-down hats and more. Expand your knitting repertoire and thumb through Leslie Ann Bestor’s Cast On, Bind Off (Storey Publishing, 2012). This one-of-a-kind reference teaches how to choose — and execute — the most appropriate, functional and effective means of creating professional and beautiful edges for any number of knitting projects. This excerpt is taken from the chapter “Double-Sided Cast Ons.” 

You can purchase this book from the MOTHER EARTH NEWS store: Cast On, Bind Off.

Judy’s Magic Cast On

This wonderful cast on is the invention of Judy Becker, who generously gave me permission to include it here. It is a way to cast on for an enclosed object, such as the toe of a sock or the bottom of a bag — invisibly! Therein lies the magic. I also find it neater than the Turkish and Figure 8 cast ons. It is possible to start this cast on with a slip knot on the top needle, though I’ve found that little knot bothers some people; it can be a bit looser than the surrounding stitches. But if it makes it easier or less confusing for you, go ahead and use a slip knot instead of wrapping the yarn as described here.

Extras Two same-size circular needles


• Neat “edge”
• Invisible on both sides
• No gap between first rows of knitting

Good for

• Toe-up socks
• Bags
• Top-down hats and mittens

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