Heritage Turkeys

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Beautiful and helpful in controlling pests, heritage turkeys are easy to raise and fun to watch. Plus, by raising turkeys at home, you’ll have farm-fresh turkey for home-cooked meals. We’ve assembled our best articles on selecting, hatching and raising heritage turkey breeds, including the wonderful Midget White turkey. Also, don’t miss our turkey recipes for everything from Thanksgiving classics to gluten-free pot pies.

Midget White Turkeys

A History of the Midget White Turkey  By J. R. Smyth Jr. and B.C. Wentworth

This is a rare firsthand look at how and why a rare breed of turkey was developed, was rescued from near extinction, and may become popular once more.

The Midget White Turkey: A Great Heritage Turkey Breed for Any Homestead By Jeannette Beranger 

If you’re seeking a small, productive heritage turkey breed with an excellent temperament to raise on your homestead, look no further than the Midget White.

Why the Midget White Turkey is the Perfect Homestead Turkey By Troy Griepentrog

Breeder Bernard Wentworth, who holds doctorates in poultry science and avian physiology, shares his thoughts on these special, great-tasting, little turkeys.

Raising Heritage Turkeys

Ben Franklin’s National Bird: The Wild Turkey By David Petersen

An introductory look at Ben Franklin’s vote for the national bird — the wild turkey –including its history, habits and habitat.

Hatching Turkey Eggs By Dick and James Strawbridge

Learn about incubating turkey eggs and getting them to hatch using an automatic incubator.

Hatching and Raising Turkeys By Steve and Sharon Ashman

Learn how to successfully hatch and raise turkey poults after reading these tips.

Heritage Turkey Breeds: Which One is Right for You? By Steve and Sharon Ashman

Raising heritage turkeys is a great way to preserve rare breeds and add diversity to your homestead — or backyard poultry flock. Experts from S and S Poultry compare the qualities of six heritage breeds of turkeys.

Heritage Turkey Publication on History and Breeding By the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy

The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy announces the new Heritage Turkey publication, Selecting Your Best Turkey for Breeding. The resource highlights on the history of Heritage Turkeys and how to raise the breed.

Raising Turkeys at Home By Herman Beck-Chenoweth

Beautiful and helpful in controlling pests, turkeys are easy to raise and fun to watch. Plus by raising turkeys at home, you’ll have farm-fresh turkey for holiday meals.

Raising Turkeys for Meat By Ed Robinson

Turkeys can be a profitable sideline business as long as special measures are taken to ensure the flock’s health.

Turkey Production at Home By Jack Widmer

This excerpt from Jack Widmer’s 1949 book “Practical Animal Husbandry” covers breeds, feeding, brooding methods, sanitation, and other topics relevant to turkey production at home.

Turkey Recipes: Thanksgiving and Beyond

7 Turkey Cooking TipsBy Joan Nathan

For a tasty, perfectly-done turkey dinner, follow these guidelines.

Easy Gluten-Free Pot Pie By Wendy Gregory Kaho

The herbs and seasonings (parsley, thyme, oregano, sea salt, and peppercorn medley) ensure that this turkey pot pie is the very definition of savory.  

How to Grill a Turkey, and More Updates to Traditional Thanksgiving Recipes By Anne Vassal

Keep tradition going with these lighter versions of traditional Thanksgiving recipes for smoked gravy, cranberry sauce, bread stuffing, maple-orange sweet potatoes, and pumpkin pie.

Reader Callout: What’s the One Thing You Make From Scratch at Thanksgiving? By Tabitha Alterman

Please share your “wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without it” and “just gotta make it from scratch” stories, as well as your stories about filling Thanksgiving needs through generosity.

Recipes for Thanksgiving Leftovers By Ann Vassal


There’s only so many turkey sandwiches you can eat. Transform your Thanksgiving leftovers into more exciting fare. Includes recipes for turkey soup, cranberry cobbler and more.

Recipes for Turkey: More than Thanksgiving Dinner By Anne Vassal

You won’t even recognize the same old bird! Delicious recipes for turkey mango curry, soup, turkey salad and more.

Sustainable Thanksgiving Meals and Recipes: Welcome to Our Holiday Table By the Mother Earth News editors.

Whether you’re getting ready to dig into a locally raised turkey that grew up on real pasture or a wildly creative vegetarian or vegan holiday meal, you’ll find plenty of inspiration in our deep archives of Thanksgiving meals and recipes.

Turkey and Barley Meatloaf with Sage
 By Robin Asbell

Pearled barley will disappear into your meatloaf and boost flavor.

Turkey and Tofu Sloppy Joes Recipe By Joy Manning and Tara Mataraza Desmond

You’ll love this lean alternative to traditionally beefy sloppy joes.

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