More Free Perennial Onions

Reader Contribution by Anna Hess And Mark Hamilton
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Head on over to our blog before Wednesday at midnight to enter our second Egyptian onion giveaway of the year.  My father saved up all of his top bulbs to share (thanks, Daddy!) which allowed for a second giveaway, but this will be your last chance to create a free perennial onion patch until next year.

Speaking of perennial onions, our potato onion harvest was also very bountiful this year.  None to give away yet since we’ll be putting them all in the ground to expand our own planting, but I can finally wholeheartedly recommend potato onions as an easier way to grow bulb onions.  (Just choose your variety with care.)

Elsewhere in the garden, I’ve been harvesting kale seeds and Mark has been training our brambles to a simple trellis.  Some friends let us pick blueberries from their 30 year old patch, and we preserved the extra in our food dehydrator

Even though it’s hard to pay attention to anything other than the garden at this time of year, a friend gave us some pointers on gun care and I spent a sunny Sunday mapping the shade patterns of our yard.  To read yet more of our adventures, check out our homesteading blog.

Anna Hess and Mark Hamilton homestead on 58 acres of swamp and steep hillside in southwest Virginia.  They make a living by sharing Mark’s chicken waterer invention with poultry enthusiasts around the world.

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