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Learn how Linda Martin became a transcriber; Stanley Collopy started a hauling business; and David Poulson started a candle making business.

| March/April 1977

Handmade Candles

Turn a hobby into a business like David Poulson from Rutland, Vt. did when he started his home candle making business.  


Linda Martin from Norco, Calif.: 

Thanks to MOTHER — and to Gail Williams, who wrote the piece "The Best Home Typing Business of Them All" that pointed me in the right direction — I now make $600 to $800 a month working at home as a transcriber ... that is, someone who does typing for court reporters.

Since I can't improve on Gail's write-up, I'd just like to relate how I attained my present status as my employer's number one typist.

First, I went to the public library (the law section) and made a list of all the court reporters and deposition businesses within driving distance. Then I typed up a resume (in which I included a special note stating that I was excellent at spelling, grammar, and punctuation) ... and began pounding the pavement.

Everyone who interviewed me asked the same questions: Do you own your own equipment? How good is your spelling? Do you live close by? How often are you willing to come in to pick up and deliver work? I told them all that I would rent my equipment at first, that my spelling was outstanding, and that — though our homestead is 35 miles from the city — my husband could make daily deliveries on his way to work. Luck must have been with me, because on my first day out I landed a job.

Right away, I arranged to rent both an IBM Selectric typewriter and a DeJur Grundig Stenorette dictating machine. (My total initial investment was $150 ... $35 a month for the Selectric rental, $40 a month for the Stenorette, and a $75 deposit.)

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