How to Build a Home Candle Making Business from the Ground Up

Learn how Dennis Murphy built his successful home candle making business with a small budget, hard work and knowing where to sell his wares.

| September/October 1971

Dennis Murphy — a young man in Rochester, Michigan — has proven to my satisfaction that even the cold, hard world of business will soften and thaw for the individual whose heart is pure.

Dennis, you see, has a little home enterprise he conducts from his basement and the venture allows him to create a product that he enjoys and believes in. Furthermore, Dennis has found he can gladden customers' hearts by offering them his product at one-third the price they expect to pay. The customers, in turn, are grateful for the opportunity to buy . . . and they do. And that allows Denny to hire his friends at very good wages for work they find pleasurable which, of course, gladdens their hearts.

And is Dennis rewarded for spreading all this Good Karma? You bet he is! For Dennis Murphy can gross one thousand dollars a day with his little home candle making business. Of course, it sometimes takes him a whole week to prepare for that one big day . . . and you must realize that Denny only gets $850 out of the thousand.

Still and all, I think you'll admit that young Dennis Murphy is doing very well.

As a matter of fact, Denny is doing so well that he doesn't even bother to work every week. In his words, "It's not the business of business, it's the business of living that interests me."

Of course, the path to such perfect attainment and true enlightenment is seldom easy and it took Dennis over two years to discover and refine the secret of his current success. Fortunately, however, Denny is quite pleased to share that secret with others. "I can tell you how I do it," he says, "and—I hope—prevent you from making the mistakes I made. That way, you can start out where I am now."

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Hii , I am start in candle making business

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