Backyard Poultry, Part 2: Growing Goslings Weeks 5 to 9

Reader Contribution by Marissa Buchanan and Buchanan's Barnyard
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So the past month has been hectic on our farm. With all of the babies being born, plants being set in the garden, and the common day-to-day chores, it can become busy very quickly. The goslings have grown tremendously! They are getting their big kid quacks, and are becoming more independent by the day.

Week 5

They are still following me around to free range but have hit a major spurt this week. Pip has doubled in size!

He still does come to find me once I get too far away and they have moved into eating more grass than Crumble now. They have their own little pool and have taken to swimming by themselves now! They do still have their chirp.

Weeks 6 and 7

Not much is different from last week except that they are getting more independent and have started approaching unknowns with their heads down and stretched out.

Week 8

This week there has been a huge change! They have hit another growth spurt and gone is the baby face! All of their yellow is almost gone and, while swimming, I have noticed that they are becoming more waterproof. They do not follow me anymore but come find me when they are ready to go up for the night. They have started hitting honks between chirps and are getting louder with each day.

Hopefully, here soon, we can turn them out with their parents. We have tried introductions and the first few attempts have not been the best. They are a little bigger than a medium sized chicken and we will let them get a little bigger before letting them out for good. They have also started to nip at your finger tips. Not hard but like a playful or treat seeking way. You can keep up with Pip and his siblings at #theadventuresofpip!

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