Find Farming Internships and Apprenticeships

Reader Contribution by Brenna Long
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Have you ever wanted to learn how to grow organic produce or farm sustainably, but didn’t know where to start?

There’s no better place than from a sustainable farm itself.  Many farms offer internship or an apprenticeship opportunities, and you can find a list of openings through the National Sustainable Agriculture Information Center (ATTRA). Since 1989, ATTRA, managed by the National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT), has offered a searchable directory of sustainable farming internships and apprenticeships to connect farmers and those seeking agriculture knowledge and skills.

Work alongside farmers to learn more about sustainable agriculture. The internships and apprenticeships are all different, offering various forms of learning and payment.

On the site, you can enter specific farms, states or keywords to locate an internship or apprenticeship you are interested in. Currently there are more than a thousand positions from which to choose, and the list is updated regularly. Each listing has a description of the position and available specifics about the farm.

The listings come straight from farms and businesses around the United States and Canada. If you are interested in listing an internship or apprenticeship for your farm, you can do so free on their directory page.

Photo by Fotolia/Alexander Raths