Find a Portable Sawmill Service Near You

Knowing where lumber sawyers exist locally opens the door to all kinds of DIY projects.

Reader Contribution by Kale Roberts
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Do you need to find a portable sawmill service near you?

Knowing where lumber sawyers exist locally opens the door to all kinds of DIY projects. For example, storm-damaged trees can be turned into useable lumber instead of heading to a chipper or landfill. But you can take advantage of milling lumber at local sawmills only if you know where to find them. There are online resources to help you find a sawmill near you. Some sawmills will cut lumber from logs that you bring to them, but others own portable sawmill equipment that can be brought to your site. Search by state or Zip code using the sawmill locators below and you will be on your way
to turning raw wood into quality-cut lumber for DIY projects without the need to purchase any equipment yourself.

Wood-Mizer’s Pro Sawyer Network

The Pro Sawyer Network connects Wood-Mizer sawmill owners with local people in need of a portable sawmill service to cut their logs into lumber. Browse by state for a growing list of portable sawmill owners. Contact information is delivered instantly to your email.

The Forestry Forum

Search by state or country (USA, Canada, Australia, France, Great Britain and New Zealand) to
locate local sawmill services. Select a special service for more specific projects: chainsaw service, stationary and portable bandsaw service, arborist/tree service, stationary and portable circle mills and land-clearing service.

Portable Sawmill Finder

Find a portable sawmill service by searching by state or Zip code. Many listed sawyers will travel to your site. Also find portable sawing services for Australia, Canada, Europe and New Zealand.

Looking instead to buy your own portable sawmill? There are a wide range of choices, from ultra-portable chainsaw milling attachments to more-stationary bandsaw mills that can saw up to 160 board feet per hour.

Check out a series of videos from four top portable sawmill manufacturers to see your options in action. And read how MOTHER EARTH NEWS Blogger Anneli Carter-Sundqvist uses a “Portable Sawmill to Make Homestead Necessities.”

Kale Roberts is an Assistant Editor at MOTHER EARTH NEWS. His interests include renewable energy, real food and sustainable rural development.