Another Building Aid From Mother

Reader Contribution by Bruce Mcelmurray
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One of the businesses that advertise in Mother Earth News is The Iron Shop from Broomall, Penn.  Because of their various ads we observed in Mother, we bought a spiral staircase to go in our home.  It was easy to put together, install and has been a solid fixture in our home for 16 years. One more example that Mother is the go-to magazine for folks like us. 

When you have your home built like we did and were not able to be on site during the construction, since we were 1,800 miles away, things happen.  Therefore we ended up with a set of stairs that took up a full quarter of our living room, and because of the angle of the roof in our ‘A’ frame, we could not effectively use them anyway.  We are both tall people and to use the stairs without being a limbo expert or three feet tall made them unsuitable and awkward for us.  

When we discovered the error after the construction was done we decided rather than fussing at the builder we would put our own steps in.  After some research we came upon The Iron Shop thanks to Mother Earth News.  Since we were living in Pennsylvania anyway, we called The Iron Shop and gave them the dimensions and they put together a spiral stairway kit for us.  We drove over and picked it up and on our next trip to Colorado brought it with us, tore out the old stairs and installed it instead.  The staircase fit perfectly which is good because to haul it back to Broomall, Penn. would have been a real hassle.  It fit our opening like a glove, thanks to the professional work of The Iron Shop.  

When we drove over to pick the kit up, the folks at The Iron Shop were friendly and helpful.  They gave us sufficient hardware to make sure we could get it installed properly and met the person who actually made the kit.  The lady that handled the order was the grand daughter of the founder of the company. She gave us a tour of the facility, and also gave us the history. Her grandfather or possibly great grandfather was the founder and he had fled to Philadelphia when Nicholas II was overthrown. He was the Tsar’s personal blacksmith and upon arrival in the US he founded The Iron Shop, which ended up a family-owned business to be passed on for future generations.  Fortunately for us he ended up here as the spiral staircase has been a real asset to our home.

It takes far less space than the original staircase installed by the builder.  It looks as good today as it did when we bought it. It is very practical, strong,  made in the U.S. and even our dogs have learned to use it effectively.   The price was right and thanks to Mother for providing the advertisement since when we bought it we did not have a computer or internet search capacity. 

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