A Look at Goose Eggs

| 5/23/2016 9:10:00 AM

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As a farmer raising geese, one of the most frequent questions I hear is "what do goose eggs taste like". They are not at all unlike chicken eggs, but there are a few special features to these large, white eggs.


A goose egg is equivalent to about three chicken eggs, with a larger yolk-to-white ratio. Geese are seasonal layers, and you will generally only get eggs from a female goose from April through September. Their egg production varies depending on the breed, but most will lay around 40 eggs over the course of a year.

Because of the larger yolk-to-white ratio, goose eggs hold together well and produce a more dense, moist result when baking. Many bakers prefer a heavier mix, but if you need to lighten your recipe you can add a chicken egg. Like duck eggs, the larger yolk and general size mean that goose eggs have a higher nutritional content, including more Omega-3s, than hen’s eggs.

Diners with distinguished palates find goose eggs a little bit “gamier” than chicken eggs, but most of those sampling a goose egg omelet next to a chicken egg one cannot tell the difference. You will notice the richness of a goose’s egg if you eat it fried and you can see the deep colors of the yolk. Once again, it is that huge yolk that lends to the variations in flavor when tasters can detect them.

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