12 Routine Safety Checks for Your Bicycle

Use these easy, routine checks to keep your bike safe and road-worthy.

By Mel Allwood
June 2018

Photo courtesy of Carlton Books

Bike Pocket Maintenance by Mel Allwood (Carlton Books, 2017) is an essential step-by-step guide for all essential bicycle maintenance and repairs. Allwood is a bicycle enthusiast with experience working for Brixton Cycles Co-op in south London, UK, and who prefers the simplicity and independence of a bike over a car. He notes that his knowledge and passion for cycling is rooted in the necessity of navigating the busy streets of London. The following excerpt is a maintenance routine that can prevent accidents and blowouts before hitting the street.

Checking your bike each time you ride it can seem like a lot of effort and a little bit boring. It needn’t take more than a few moments, however, and occasionally you’ll appreciate the time it takes because you’ll pick up a problem waiting to happen, which is far easier to fix before you set off. Looking carefully at your bike regularly also makes it easier to spot when something is wrong.

Photo by Getty Images/Vesnaandjic