How to Remove and Refit Wheels

Doing this step of bike maintenance correctly will prevent unnecessary wear.

By Mel Allwood
June 2018

Cover courtesy of Carlton Books


Bike Pocket Maintenance by Mel Allwood (Carlton Books, 2017) is a step-by-step guide for all essential bicycle maintenance and repairs. Allwood is a bicycle enthusiast with experience working for Brixton Cycles Co-op in south London, UK, and who prefers the simplicity and independence of a bike over a car. He notes that his knowledge and passion for cycling is rooted in the necessity of navigating the busy streets of London. The following excerpt is a guide to the proper removal and refitting of bike wheels.

Even if you do no maintenance on your wheels at all, it’s important that you know how to take them off so that you can fix punctures. It’s even more vital to be able to refit them securely – you really don’t want to lose wheels as you ride along.