Try This: Jewel Case Bookshelf Lamp

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Photo By Seth and Kendra Smott
Brighten up a room with this bookshelf lamp made from repurposed nonrecyclable CD jewel cases.

Brighten up a room with this bookshelf lamp made from repurposed, nonrecyclable CD jewel cases. It’s a snap to make!

Tools and materials

5 identical CD jewel cases
1 yard organic eyelet fabric
Fabric pencil or chalk
Fabric scissors
Nontoxic spray adhesive
Adhesive craft tape (2 inches wide, silver or white)
Preassembled small lamp kit, 4.5 inches or shorter (available at most hardware stores)

How To

1. Remove paper inserts from inside the cases, front and back. Pull out the tray piece that holds the CD in the case to remove the back cover. Once you’ve taken out the back cover, replace the tray.

2. Lay out eyelet fabric and use a fabric pencil or chalk to trace around one of the inserts 5 times. These fabric pieces will line the cases.

3. Open the 5 cases so they lay flat.

4. Apply spray adhesive to the back side of the inside of the first case, then place the eyelet inside. Repeat for the 4 other cases.

5. To assemble the sides of the light box, begin with 2 closed cases put together at a right angle with the fronts of the CD cases facing out, the hinges at the top.

6. Use a piece of tape to neatly attach the 2 cases to each other on the outside.

7. Use a second piece of tape to adhere the cases on the inside. Repeat with the next 2 cases, making a square.

8. Place the last case on the top, and neatly adhere tape along the edges.

9. Stick the lamp under the new box light, and place it on your bookshelf with the cord feeding out the back.

Reprinted with permission from Eco-Chic Home by Emily Anderson.