Country Lore: New Lives for Old Treadmill Parts

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Treadmill parts — the rollers, rails, motor, and heart rate monitor — can serve other purposes once you're done using them as a treadmill.

My father gave me his used treadmill before he died. I had been reading that the motor could be used in a DIY wind generator project. After taking the motor out, I planned to junk the frame and other components, but I discovered there was more to be made from treadmill parts than just a wind generator!

  1. The motor is for the wind generator.
  2. The two steel rods for the tread are my basis for a new telescope mount.
  3. The handrails will have steps added to them to make a small ladder down to the water by my cabin.
  4. The belt can be used on the ladder steps and elsewhere.
  5. The heavy steel frame will be used to make a new sled to haul large and heavy items with my QuadRunner ATV. I’ll just turn it over and add rails.
  6. The wooden floor will become the sled floor.
  7. The heart monitor still works and will be used as such.
  8. The pillar support will help support the generator.
  9. The leftover motor-control parts, etc., will be handy for future projects.
  10. There are some really good stainless steel nuts, bolts, and screws.
  11. All of the remaining plastic will be recycled.

The best part: It was totally free.

Donald Franck
Plainview, Minnesota

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