Repurposing Glass Containers: Ideas From Our Facebook Friends

Friends in our Facebook community have thought of some creative and exciting ways of repurposing glass containers, from wall sconces to incense burners.

| February 7, 2013

Flower Jars

Turn old glass containers into beautiful vases for your kitchen window.

Photo By Fotolia/Valda

Many of us have a steady stream of glass containers coming into our homes, but we don't know what to do with all of them. For our Facebook question of the week, we asked you, "Aside from recycling them, what creative reuses have you found for your glass jars, bottles and the like? A terrarium? A light fixture? Maybe even just a quick plant protector?" and here's what you told us.

Gardening Jones I use larger glass containers as mini 'cloches' to get an early start on planting tomatoes and such outdoors.

Nancy Retynski I'm cutting the bottoms off of large containers just like Gardening Jones to use as mini green houses! I was also thinking about using the bottoms to create a rain chain and square bottles as fence toppers.

Wendy Pillows Hixson Obviously, they're great for leftovers, but what I use a lot of glass containers for, especially small ones, is for keeping small items organized. Crafts, hardware, jewelry, toiletries, you name it.

Sharron Brinsfield McDonald I save all my glass jars (if I can keep up with the lid). I will store things in them, use them for vases, rooting plants, etc.

Noreene Bailey-Treece I sometimes use my old glass jars to make solar chandeliers. If the glass is broken, I collect it in a barrel and use it for pottery glazes.

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